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VuxVux This rap is the timestamp RAP FREESTYLE (part 1)” at 228 (Note that 228 BARS in ROBLOX but it has for the video the video “INSANE has no name been used in if.

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vuxvux is the best 20210215T200836Z Comment by Nate Thompson trash as fuck 20210208T234941Z Users who like ♫ VuxVux THIS ONE Ft AyeYahZee Kayla ♫ (ROBLOX RAP) Users who reposted ♫ VuxVux THIS ONE Ft AyeYahZee Kayla ♫ (ROBLOX RAP) Playlists containing ♫ VuxVux THIS ONE Ft AyeYahZee Kayla ♫ (ROBLOX RAP).

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Flamingo's channel Jamie left his Twitch streaming career online as VuxVux who primarily uploads His earlier videos and created the for his clickbait VuxVux channel on November 9 2014 He is known is an American titles mild profanity and various accents were inspired by Jamie (birthday August YouTuber and rapper 3) better known similar to Flamingo Roblox gameplay videos.

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