Roblox How To Give Players Power When Clicking A Block

Roblox How To Give Players Power When Clicking A Block. WalkSpeed controls how fast a player’s character moves in the game The normal value is 16 To check for both conditions at once use keyword and Create an if/then with the condition humanoid and humanoidWalkspeed.

How To Make A Roblox Game Studio Tutorial 2021 roblox how to give players power when clicking a block
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Today I show you how to make a popup GUI that pops onto your screen once you touch a block Please watch the full video so you can actually learn something i.


Start with creating Leaderboard Copy and below into the local function onPlayerJoin(player) a new script Leaderboard script Leaderboard create a script named PlayerSetup with the leaderboard Create in ServerScriptService named Script Expected Output Expand In ServerScriptService paste the code the contents below.

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