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Mark's Auto On Roblox. OverviewPersonalityThe SeriesMark is the main protagonist of If ROBLOX Was Realistic Murder Mystery He was given the title “Sheriff” at the beginning of the game he was in His goal was to kill the “Murderer” but he thought it was about just solving a murder not finding and killing the Murderer In the beginning people kept avoiding him due to them believing that he is the Murderer until they realize too late that he is not the Murderer Mark is more of a pacifist than a violent man He is also disobedient and sort of has a dumb personality Even while he alongside the two remaining survivors were running away from the Murderer he wanted to attempt to negotiate with the Murderer showing his dumb and pacifistly personality Murder Mystery An extremely excited Mark joins in the server Almost immediately he scares several players by releasing joy at the number of dead corpses there are to investigate He is chosen as the sheriff Mark scares even another player Feeling sad he contemplates whether he should have joined game until he meets a player called Jack who agrees to stick with Mark As the two find a corpse Jack expresses biological skill in human functions Mark is immediately worried because this means t.

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=====| click "SHOW script! |=====Game Link https//wwwrobloxcom/games Video 73KAuthor Mr Jack MORE" to get Duration 4 minViews.

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mark transformation (extra exclusive visual) Being Tycoon Price 78 hp speed and able to fly Curse Mark By Dodge Type Black Chidori Auto Buy this to Pass in [UPDATE get Special curse @Nanzito123 Use this 17] Ultimate Ninja.