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Event Children Roblox Grab The Child. Collector Children can be obtained if you own at least a hundred of the same nonlimited child Break the left wall of your base by holding A until it cracks open which will direct you to a narrow shrine This shrine has a pressure plate on the middle Placing a child on this shows how many you own If you own 100 of the same child it will sacrifice all of these children and give you the.

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(Many Child To Collect (Grab)) is created by Mah_Bucket more expensive ones a comedy game "children" and selling Grab The Child Roblox Wiki them to purchase The game revolves around purchasing Kirbyshaped.

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The Event Gifts were part of an event that started the 21st of august of 2018 right after the Colored Scoobises event The event was started with the intention of keeping the players busy while trying to collect all the gifts meanwhile Mah Bucket was working on other projects It was later brought back for one day the 9th of November of 2018 (alongside the Colored Scoobises).

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